About Us

Kinetic Pro Tech serves the Bradenton/Sarasota area of Florida. We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive top notch IT support, computer repair and technology consulting services. Whether you're a home user with a few networking issues, a small business with just a handful of users or have hundreds of workstations and dozens of servers we can help you take control of your technology, minimizing downtime and removing the need for in-house IT staff.

Our Philosophy

Always give the customer what they need... and a little more. At Kinetic Pro Tech we believe that technology solutions should be customized to work for your business and not the other way around. We are dedicated to delivering the best solutions that will support your business needs.

We have found that when it comes to technology, communicating effectively can be the key to a successful partnership. We demand the very best from our technicians, as they are at the core of our business and a key component in our client relationships. We select technicians by finding that rare mix between technical excellence and business acumen.

Focus on IT Services

Our focus as a company is on providing cxcellent technical services, but we understand that IT services are many times tightly coupled with hardware and software purchases. We offer our clients the best possible solution, not just the solution we are comfortable with or the one we make the best margin on. Our clients can take comfort in the fact that they are getting the best possible price on their hardware and software purchases, without them having to take on the hassle of working with yet another vendor. This also allows us to provide tightly integrated solutions and reduce the lost time and productivity caused by mistakes in purchasing and ordering of technology.

Our Mission

To be the trusted IT partner to our clients, helping them enhance their business through innovative and cost-effective technology solutions.